Performance Boosts for Indian CDN Providers

Performance Boosts for Indian CDN ProvidersPerformance boosts are always welcomed by content delivery network providers. They help ensure CDN customers are able to deliver their data to end users quickly and efficiently with little slow down, thus improving end user satisfaction.

Performance boosts for content delivery networks typically come via developments in datacentre technologies or the construction of new points of presence. Points of presence (PoPs) are servers located around the world that store the website data of content delivery network customers. This is the key aspect of CDNs and what helps them performance so well, as when end users request data, they are routed to the PoP closest to them, boosting bandwidth and reducing latency.

Many content delivery network providers rely on high performance datacentres from leading internet exchange providers to power their networks. As such, developments from these providers can offer great performance boosts for CDNs.

Benefits of Performance Boosts

The latest internet exchange company to expand their network is Mumbai-IX. This India-based company has expanded its footprint to include space in the Chandivali neighbourhood of Mumbai. With many CDN providers as clients, this will provide welcome performance boosts for them.

“Mumbai-IX is proud to establish a presence in Netmagic’s flagship data center. This will be one of our key deployments in this market and allows both our big global customers and regional networks to establish settlement-free interconnection with each other. The NTT group is a trusted partner for DE-CIX and we are happy that, in addition to the partnership we have with the NTT data center “eShelter” in Frankfurt (Germany), we now are able to expand this to Mumbai,” says Ivo Ivanov, Board Member of Mumbai-IX operating company DE-CIX Interwire India.

“We are extremely delighted to host Mumbai-IX at our datacenter (DC 5) in Mumbai. This enables us to boost up the Indian digital infrastructure market with our carrier-neutral state-of-the-art data centers and distributed approach,” says Sharad Sanghi, MD & CEO of Netmagic (An NTT Communications Company).

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