OTT Content Delivery by dotstudioPRO

OTT Content Delivery by dotstudioPROOTT content delivery is an increasingly important service for content delivery network providers. As more and more people access high definition video content online, bandwidth pressures increase, necessitating high performance video streaming and over-the-top (OTT) video delivery services that are optimised for online video.

As such, many CDN providers are now offering high performance OTT content delivery services. The latest company to offer these services is dotstudioPRO. They are adding OTT content delivery to their current list of services to meet today’s challenges and allow their clients to expand their distribution and syndication footprint while providing more options for them to choose their own revenue models, maintain ownership of viewer engagement, and self-manage and syndicate their own content.

OTT Content Delivery Benefits

By giving their clients this kind of flexibility, dotstudioPRO hopes to entice new content producers and TV networks to take advantages of their high performance services. By leveraging their OTT services, dotstudioPRO clients can look forward to increase viewing figures, as end users are able to experience smooth video services with high uptime and little buffering – one of the main reasons for online video viewers to drop off and leave video streams.

“OTT streaming has exploded in recent years. In order to remain competitive and relevant, players really need to understand how the technology can be used to leverage audience behaviour,” said Joe Pascual, CEO of dotstudioPRO. “dotstudioPRO is ideally positioned to become a one-stop shop distribution network across branded OTT and other established syndication platforms such as PlutoTV, ReachMe TV, SlingTV, Xumo and Roku Live, extending audience reach to millions of viewers.”“For content owners who publish content to their site, app or channel, the dotstudioPRO team will work to syndicate to publishers who are looking for content to distribute to audiences,” said Pascual. “As a non-exclusive, dotstudioPRO can customise a distribution blueprint based on a business model to help its partners maximise their potential opportunity and reach.”

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