Level 3 CDN partners with Valve

Level 3 CDN customers enjoy access to one of the highest performing content delivery network provders on the planet. Along with their Level 3 CDN partners with Valvemain rival, Akamai, the Level 3 CDN boasts many big name customers and blistering performance. Now, Level 3 can add the games developer Valve to that list, as they have recently leveraged the Level 3 CDN to power the games they deliver online to millions of customers around the world.

The reason for this development is the huge popularity of Valve’s flagship game distribution service, Steam. Earlier this month, the service logged a record 12 million unique users at once, 20% over their average of 10 million. In addition to this, the amount of data delivered by the service averages more than 450 petabytes of data worldwide per month and four exabytes of data per year.

Level 3 CDN Benefits for Valve

Speaking of the Level 3 CDN partnership, Mike Dunkle, general business development manager at Valve, said “Level 3 has been instrumental in helping us scale our network to easily and efficiently manage the accelerated growth we’ve seen over the last several years. They’re one of the few providers that offers 100 Gbps internet ports, which are now a critical component of our network infrastructure.”

Anthony Christie, chief marketing officer at Level 3 CDN also welcomed the partnership with Valve. “While online gaming has been around for decades, game developers and distributors are encountering new challenges as online games have become more popular and bandwidth-hungry,” he said.

He also added that “Level 3’s network of 100 Gbps internet ports enables companies like Valve to securely handle massive amounts of traffic and bandwidth-heavy downloads, while still providing millions of customers with the seamless gaming experience that has made Steam a leading platform.”