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Limelight Networks Powers Arsenal’s Online Presence

Limelight Networks CDN operates a high speed content delivery network that serves a diverse range of customers around the world. Limelight Networks CDNThe CDN provider excels at delivering large chunks of dynamic data to the furthest reaches of the planet, whilst also accelerating dynamic data and optimising their delivery for low latency mobile devices.

As a testament to Limelight Networks’ content delivery network’s quality, many large companies around the globe rely on them for their CDN needs. Now, Arsenal Football Club, in the United Kingdom Premier League, are taking advantage of the Limelight Networks CDN Orchestrate Delivery and Performance services to deliver the latest team news to their over 100 million fans worldwide.

The reason for the move is the large traffic spikes that the club’s website can experience during the season, specifically when they are offering live streams or commentary over their site. It is not unheard of for the site to experience up to 250,000 unique visitors in a short space of time.

Limelight Networks Benefits for Arsenal Football Club

“If you haven’t got a CDN that protects you from traffic spikes that come at you like a big tsunami wave, you will find that you will have outages,

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