Image Optimised CDN by Imagenii

Image Optimised CDN by ImageniiAn image optimised CDN for images is platform that more and more companies with an online presence are expressing interest in. As the internet becomes full of sites with media rich content and high resolution images, more and more bandwidth is required to deliver those sites. As such, many CDN providers have developed an image optimised CDN, while content providers have been expressing interest in such as platform.

The latest company to develop an image optimised CDN is Imagenii. They have created the Pixelcrush smart content delivery delivery network and it’s goal is to speed up the delivery of image files, such as JPGs and PNGs, to end users around the world.

The platform works by using advanced algorithms to processing images in real time to provide optimised compression and high performance delivery. Furthermore, the whole platform has been developed on top of Microsoft Azure, ensuring that it can be deployed on a global scale and with high productivity.

CDN Optimised for Images Benefits

Imagenii is perfectly placed to develop an image optimised CDN, as they are a TechStars company with huge expertise in image processing and deep-learning techniques. This makes the Pixelcrush solution a compelling option for companies looking for image delivery optimisation.

“The Microsoft Azure cloud platform provides a powerful infrastructure that enables Pixelcrush to build advanced and useful features that differentiate us from competitors,” says Miguel Rasero, CEO of Imagenii. “Azure helps to make Pixelcrush the right choice to serve the varying needs of consumers, from CPU processing to bandwidth.”

“Pixelcrush allows us to have a great catalog of high-quality photos of our products optimized in real time for all of our client’s devices. This is essential for an e-commerce shop as your products have to be shown properly and as fast as possible in order to increase conversions,” said Fernando Roman, CTO at