CDN Servers for Facebook in Azerbaijan

CDN Servers for Facebook in AzerbaijanCDN servers are the key ingredient in an high performing content delivery network. The core aspect of any great content delivery network is a global network of high speed points of presence (PoPs) that contain cutting edge server hardware. By having high speed servers at geographically significant areas around the world that experience the highest levels of internet traffic, CDN providers can route their end users to the CDN servers closest to them when they request data from a customer’s website. This ensure that data is delivered quickly and efficiently, with low latency and high bandwidth.

Because of this, many of the world’s most high profile companies with an internet presence leverage content delivery network providers with high performance CDN servers located around the world. Such provider include industry leaders like Akamai, Level 3 and Limelight Networks.

CDN Servers Benefits

One of the highest profile users of CDN servers is Facebook. Given the global reach of the website, it’s not hard to see why. The company has actually created their own bespoke CDN that is ideal for its specific needs. Now, Facebook are expanding their global reach by created new CDN servers in Azerbaijan. In partnership with Azertelecom, the CDN servers are located in Azertelecom’s data center.

“The installation of CDN cache servers opens up vast opportunities for Facebook users in our country,” he noted. “The placement of these servers in Azertelecom’s Data Center, first of all, allows the Facebook users to instantly connect to the Facebook content and download the relevant content more easily and quickly.”

“At the same time, this innovation allows saving the traffic purchased abroad and use this saved traffic in other directions in a more optimal way,” he noted. “The cooperation of Azertelecom LLC with Facebook makes the content delivery to the Facebook users seamless, fast and accessible. It also accelerates data processing.”