Ecommerce CDN by Limelight Networks for Cliplister

Ecommerce CDN by Limelight Networks for CliplisterEcommerce CDN customers are becoming more and more numerous as companies with online stores looking to boost their web performance and the security of their online shops.

Given that many shoppers tend to abandon their online shopping baskets if they experience slow load times or perceive a site to be untrustworthy, it’s easy to see when ecommerce CDN services are proving so popular. They help boost the performance of online shops, reducing load times, whilst also offering industry leading security services to help ensure sensitive data, such as credit card details, don’t fall into the wrong hand.

Now, the latest company that specialises in ecommerce services to take advantage of an ecommerce CDN is Cliplister. They will be leveraging the Limelight Networks CDN, one of the world’s largest and most trusted CDN providers.

Ecommerce CDN Benefits

Cliplister is a leading content provider for some of Europe’s biggest ecommerce platforms and they have selected Limelight Networks to help accelerate the delivery of their clients’ online content presentation and store fronts.

“We consistently have positive experiences with Limelight’s technology and team. Limelight has one of the highest performing CDNs in the world, and we’re able to provide their expertise to our customers,” said Sören Schulze, Chief Operating Officer at Cliplister. “Limelight is 100 percent reliable, keeps its promises, and is dedicated to meet both our and our customers’ needs.”

Given they have many major brands and top ecommerce companies as customers, Cliplister needs to be able to deliver traffic quickly and efficiently across the globe. That’s why they picked Limelight. Limelight owns and operates one of the world’s largest and most trusted private networks that bypasses the public internet, ensuring that end users experience exceptional web performance for all types of content from static images to video content.

“Cliplister is a key e-commerce reseller in Germany, and we enjoy working closely with them to ensure their customers get world class content delivery performance,” said Simon Beech, Head of EMEA Partnerships at Limelight Networks.