Akamai CDN Improvements

Akamai CDN ImprovementsAkamai CDN improvements are often regular occurrences. Being one of the world’s largest and most trusted content delivery network providers, Akamai prides itself on being first to market with innovative solutions for their customers while also provider blistering performance across its points of presence around the world, ensuring customers’ end users are never left waiting for their data.

Now, the latest of AKamai’s CDN improvements revolves around the way their customers integrate with Salesforce’s leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform aims to provide ecommerce websites with a seamless path for their end users right through from product browsing to purchase. As such, a protected and safe corridor for shoppers is vital. This is where Akamai comes in.

Akamai CDN Improvements Benefits

The Akamai CDN improvements and integration is aimed at giving Salesforce customers the opportunity to optimise their businesses with Akamai’s comprehensive Cloud security and web performance solutions, thus protecting their websites, mobile infrastructures and Application programming interface (API)-driven requests from malicious attacks. This is vital in the ecommerce world, where sensitive details are passed across the internet.

This service will be particularly use for ecommerce websites, as many shoppers tend to leave their online baskets if websites take too long to load or are perceived as being untrustworthy. As such, these improvements should provide a good ROI and help ecommerce sites attract new customers while holding on to existing ones.

“We are excited to join forces with Salesforce and offer customers an end-to-end experience with the ‘Akamai Connector’ to help them protect their business from security threats, unpredictable performance and delivery challenges for doing business online,” Craig Adams, Vice President Product Management, Web Performance Business Unit at Akamai, said in a statement.

“By leveraging the power of ‘Commerce Cloud’ and the new ‘Akamai Connector’, customers can optimise web and mobile app performance and deliver the best experience to their customers as their business grows,” said Mike Wolff, Senior Vice President, ISV Sales at Salesforce.