CDN Performance Boost for Skullcandy by Aryaka

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CDN Performance Boost for Skullcandy by Aryaka cdn performance CDN Performance Boost for Skullcandy by Aryaka cdnfinder aryaka

CDN performance technologies are amongst the most effective ways to provide customers with positive levels of user experience whilst also ensuring your website can handle the highest amount of traffic possible. It’s because of these CDN performance features that many high profile companies are choosing to leverage a content delivery network provider to boost their website capacity and reduce load times.

The latest company to take advantage of CDN performance gains is Skullcandy, a global manufacturer of high-quality headphones and speakers. They are leveraging the Aryaka CDN in a bid to increase their reach into Asia, Europe and the Americas.

CDN Performance by Aryaka

Speaking of the new deal, Mark Hopkins, Senior Director of IT at Skullcandy said “Aryaka gives us much better flexibility, improves service levels, lowers overall cost, and simplifies our global environment. Overall it has been a big win for us!

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