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Rating: 4 Founded: 2009 Revenues: Not disclosed Employees:≈ 200 Support: 24/7/365 SLA: 100% on availability. faster then origin guaranteed Terms: 12 months Min. Cost: From $500/mo

North America: Ashburn – Chicago – Dallas – Los Angeles – Miami – San Jose

Europe: London – Frankfurt

Asia: Bangalore – Chennai – Delhi- Dubai – Hong Kong – Mumbai – Seoul – Shanghai – Singapore – Tel Aviv – Tokyo

Africa: Johannesburg

South America: Sao Paulo – Buenos Aires

Oceania: Sydney

China: Beijing – Guangzhou – Xian

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Aryaka delivers application and network performance for the globally distributed enterprise for better collaboration, communication and business productivity. Aryaka eliminates the need for costly WAN appliances, long-haul private links and commodity CDNs/ADNs.

Aryaka’s CDN Solutions enable globally distributed customers, partners and business users to quickly access public facing web resources and applications from anywhere in the world. Unlike legacy CDNs that focus on long tail consumer content, Aryaka is focused on the needs of the modern-day enterprise. Aryaka’s CDN solutions are ideal for accelerating high value business content and applications. All services provide end-to-end visibility with 24×7 world- class support. The private core network is a key differentiator when it comes to dynamic content delivery. It helps customers to completely bypass the unreliable public Internet. The middle mile is thus both private and intelligent. Aryaka has also implemented a multi-segment TCP optimization stack optimized differently across the first, middle and last mile – not just from the origin out to the edge like a typical CDN. This feature along with persistent connections and the private core network enables superior performance for bidirectional data traffic, web applications, real time data, APIs, etc. In fact, Aryaka’s CDN to be up to 3 times faster than most traditional CDNs.

Aryaka’s CDN solutions have a unique dual headed architecture which provides significant gains for increasing cache hit rate and reducing connections to the origin through a two-tier origin offload. This allows Aryaka’s CDN to achieve significant gains over other vendors in reducing total load that the customer’s server needs to handle per user for both cached and dynamic content.

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