Akamai CDN to Acquire Cyberfend

Akamai CDN Akamai CDN customers benefit from having access to one of the world’s leading content delivery network providers. With a truly global network, providing points of presence (PoPs) across the globe in some of the most important traffic hotspots, the Akamai CDN can deal with huge amounts of data delivery with ease.

However, to keep ahead of the many competitors that enter and continually innovate in the highly competitive content delivery network market, the Akamai CDN must always be looking at new ways to improve their product offering. Because of this, the CDN provider has anounced that they are acquiring Cyberfend in an all cash deal.

Akamai CDN and Cyberfend Benefits

Cyberfend is a leading real-time web and mobile security company, and Akamai will be using their expertise to strengthen its bot management and mitigation services. With more and more credential theft, abuse and breaches taking place, this is the ideal time for the Akamai CDN to make this move.

“With the introduction of Bot Manager earlier this year, Akamai helped change the way online businesses deal with the bots and other automated agents that visit their sites,” said Stuart Scholly, senior vice president and general manager of web security at Akamai. “The addition of Cyberfend’s technology is intended to give our customers a better way to spot and stop credential abuse on their sites – benefitting both the online business and its users.”

Cyberfend co-founder Sridhar Machiroutu added: “Adding the scale and reach of Akamai’s platform to Cyberfend’s technology, and complementing Akamai’s Bot Manager solution with Cyberfend’s capabilities, creates an exciting value proposition for customers worldwide.”

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