CDN Provider Collaboration to Deliver Open Caching

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CDN Provider Collaboration to Delivery Open Caching cdn provider CDN Provider Collaboration to Deliver Open Caching limelight networksCDN provider competition is fierce in today’s content delivery network market. With huge numbers of new customers looking for high quality website acceleration technologies to boost their online performance, it’s important for a CDN provider to constantly innovate to keep ahead of their competitors.

Luckily, for potential CDN customers, CDN provider collaboration is also taking place, leading to general improvements across the industry that clients of many different CDN providers. One such collaboration project is the Streaming Video Alliance, which consists of many content delivery network providers including Limelight Networks, Qwilt and Verizon.

CDN Provider Collaboration Benefits

The Streaming Video Alliance have announced that they have begun trials on the recently approved Open Caching Request Routing and HTTPS Delegation Technical Specification. These trials, if successful, should result in the widespread use of open caching systems that will ensure superior quality of experience for live and on-demand video streaming, a very important aspect of modern content delivery.

“This is a monumental milestone for the organisation and for video streaming,” said Jason Thibeault, Executive Director of the Streaming Video Alliance. “In addition to demonstrating our ability to create, endorse and publish the technical specification that will improve streaming experiences across the value chain, we are now bringing our work to market through proof-of-concept trials. This is the strongest possible signal to the industry that our members are determined to put the Alliance’s work into practice and improve the future of streaming profoundly.”

“The Alliance approving the Open Cache Specification was an important step for the industry. We can now move forward confidently and quickly with trials and deployments,” said Jason Hofmann, VP of Architecture at Limelight Networks. “We expect to see the Open Caching architecture adopted broadly and, as a leading Content Delivery Network, we are proud to be working alongside industry peers to create the open architecture that will allow video streaming to scale faster and better than ever before.”

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