P2P CDN Rolled out by Edgemesh

P2P CDN Rolled out by EdgemeshP2P CDN networks can provide a great means for offering end users high speed access to websites from around the world. By leveraging the power of end user machines – those people currently accessing a specific website – a P2P CDN can scale dynamically as more and more people access specific website, creating a great method for high traffic sites to avoid suffering outages at peak time.

A P2P CDN is seen as the best way for modernising content delivery networks and avoiding the need to leverage congested legacy backbones. This is why CDN provider Edgemesh has recently deployed its pioneering P2P CDN.

P2P CDN Advantages

The company now says it has the largest CDN in the world, claiming to operate over 3,500 global networks compared to Akamai’s 1,650+. Jacob Loveless, CEO of Edgemesh, explained: “The reason why is because every time somebody browses an Edgemesh-enabled site, they are creating a point of presence (PoP) inside of that network. So if you have a website that has 20 million new users a month that means you have 20 million points of presence.”

“Singapore is number one in the world for internet, but they have one of the most unstable networks in the world of latency,” added Loveless. “The reason why is not because of the bandwidth pure number of connections. If a billion people are going to one PoP, or one server, or one backbone or even a hundred servers, all of those devices are trying to pull data down from that one source. There are of course fundamental limitations of that. You can throw as much bandwidth as you want at it, you’re not going to solve that problem.”

Brian Lillie, chief customer officer & EVP of technology services at Equinix, an Edgemesh customer, commented: “At Equinix, we have a bird’s eye view of new and exciting network and performance companies which is where we met the team at Edgemesh. We were able to add Edgemesh to our IOA Knowledge Base site in under an hour, and by the end of that same day we saw a 2x improvement in page load time and a more than 30% reduction in server bandwidth. Once in a while we see something that we believe can cause a paradigm shift in an industry, and we believe we’re seeing one right now with Edgemesh and other innovative, edge computing solutions.”  

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