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Limelight Networks CDN for Zuken

Limelight Networks CDN for ZukenLimelight Networks boast one of the world’s most respected and high speed content delivery networks. The CDN provider's comprehensive networks of global points of presence (PoPs) accelerate data for large and small businesses all across the globe.

Because of this reputation, Limelight Networks has signed up some of the world’s most trusted companies to use their CDN services. Now, the latest company to leverage the Limelight Networks CDN is Zuken. Zuken are a leading global provider of software and consulting services for electrical and electronic design companies. They will be using the Limelight Networks content delivery network to accelerate the delivery of their software downloads whilst also providing their customers’ with secure and stable access to their other web resources. Given that Zuken have many customers in 47 countries around the world, Limelight Network’s global solution is ideal for their content delivery needs.

Limelight Networks CDN Benefits

“Since we introduced Limelight Cloud Storage Services, we’ve been able to replicate and deliver content so users in the U.S., Europe, and Asia can access content from a server close to their own location,” said Hiroshige Kamakura, Section Manager, Global IT at Zuken. “This ensures reliable and fast content access from any location. If a cache miss occurs, the content is delivered from the nearest cloud server in the network.”

“Zuken recognises how a flawless and fast experience on its website is essential to providing the best possible customer service,” said Takayuki Tadokoro, Country Manager, Limelight Networks Japan. “We enjoy collaborating closely with them to help slash response times and increase efficiency globally.”

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