Content delivery network lessons for ClearSky

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Content delivery network lessons for ClearSky Content delivery network Content delivery network lessons for ClearSky clearskyContent delivery network providers have been offering their customers blistering performance for many years thanks to the use of high speed servers located around the world. By serving data to end users from the servers that are geographically closest to them, these content delivery network providers can reduce latency and increase bandwidths, resulting in the high speed delivery of a plethora of different data types. Now, an innovative new cloud storage company, ClearSky, is seeking to capitalise on these content delivery network principles as they work on revolutionising the cloud storage industry.

By using a network like that of a content delivery network provider, with points of presence close to the customer, ClearSky think they can make cloud storage usable for more time sensitive applications. They will be building their first data centres in Boston, Philadelphia and Las Vegas before expanding to Europe next year.

Content Delivery Network Lessons

Speaking of the developments, Ellen Rubin, CEO of ClearSky, said that “we’re using the Akamai model with the goal of having less than 2 seconds of latency from points of presence. We’re putting front-end edge cache that sits wherever their apps are. It handles the security, is highly available and integrates with VMware.”

She goes on to state that “when we talk to customers, they are telling us that they don’t want to be in the infrastructure business, and are trying to consolidate data centres. We are trying to match storage to the way it is consumed today.

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