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Why to switch to a CDN that supports HTTP/2?

Year 2015 will be a year of radical changes in the way CDNs think about data transfer. HTTP 1.1, an old standard from the year 1997, will be replaced by HTTP/2. HTTP/2 is currently supported by all major browsers. It is safe with Chrome and Firefox of the latest versions (using TLS), Internet Explorer 11 (on Windows 10), Opera 28+ and Safari 9+.

Given the nature of the improvements, the new protocol will be especially useful in countries with slow or unstable internet connections and for mobile devices.


CDN77is the first provider to publicly announce HTTP/2 support that you can start using right away. To see a live demo of the actual difference, you can visit http://www.http2demo.io.

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Simply put, HTTP/2 protocol enables serving multiple requests in parallel over a single TCP connection, instead of one request per connection in the legacy version. Loading times are also reduced by compressing HTTP headers, transferring binary data (as opposed to textual in HTTP 1.x) and many other features.

Lower latency is the reason HTTP/2 became the priority for CDN77 development team. Implementation of HTTP/2 brings two advantages at once to CDN77 clients. It combines the new fast protocol together with the “usual

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