CDN Video and Media Acceleration for KT Corporation

CDN video performs much better than online video delivered by traditional means. Content delivery networks allow data to be cached to servers around the globe efficiently, whilst advanced streaming technologies allow video to be watched instantly without delay. Because of this, many media providers and content owners are turning to CDN video and media services for the delivery of their content to end users.

KT Corporation, a telecoms provider in South Korea that offers customers a plethora of different services including mobile on-demand TV, has identified the KT Corporationbenefits of content delivery networks, especially the benefits of CDN video acceleration. As such, they have decided to leverage Edgecast, a leading CDN provider, to accelerate their data and improve the end user experience for their clients. This is an important development for Edgecast, as South Korea is a major broadband market and will allow Edgecast’s CDN benefits to reach a large range of users.

CDN Video Performance Boost

Edgecast was recently recognized as the best CDN provider by Capacity magazine, which gave it high marks for innovation, excellence and vision in the highly competitive content delivery network market. This is great news for KT, and clearly played a role in their choice when selecting Edgecast for CDN video and data acceleration.

Speaking of the development, James Segil, chief marketing officer at Verizon Digital Media Services, said that “in a country with one of the fastest-growing markets for digital content, this pairing leverages the strengths of both Verizon Digital Media Services and KT. The agreement bolsters the abilities of both companies to deliver the best digital experience to customers.”

Similarly, Hee Kyoung Song, senior vice president of the enterprise IT business unit for KT stated that “the main priority for our customers has always been to ensure access to digital content from any device, anywhere, at any time. As the largest telecom company in the region, our business depends on our ability to enable rich viewer experiences, and the Verizon EdgeCast network provides us with a more efficient, safe and reliable way to deliver these experiences to any device.”