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Content Delivery Expansion for NTT in China

Content delivery is an important aspect of today’s internet, with unparalleled demand for large data files and dynamic websites to be delivered around the globe at the click of a mouse button. Because of this, CDN providers are undergoing rapid expansion, especially in the high growth region of Asia. We recently discussed CDNetworks growth in Asia, with a new branch in Singapore. Now, NTT Communications Corporation is joining the fray, developing a new hi tech data centre in Shanghai.

Located in the business district of Pudong, this new data centre will ensure NTT can further increase the performance of their content delivery in the region. NTT in ChinaThe new centre is 2,600 square metres large and hosts 1,000 server racks. This new data centre now means that NTT have three data centres in Shanghai, allowing them improved flexibility when trying to meet the vast content delivery needs of the huge metropolis.

Content Delivery Efficiency

NTT claim that this new ‘Nexcenter’ data centre provides 99.9999% power availability along with 10kVa/rack high-density. This means that their overall costs for the new content delivery data centre will be 20 percent lower than similar facilities in the area.

The data centre represents a growing trend for increases data centre construction in China. It is estimated that the number of advanced content delivery data centres in China grew by 20% over the past year. This provides content delivery network providers with a great opportunity to harness the commercial potential of the fast growing middle class in China. As more and more CDN providers take advantage of this newly connected generation, content owners will have a faster and more efficient route into the country and will have a tremendous number of new opportunities to pursue in this exciting market.

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