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CDN Performance Monitoring by Cedexis for Anevia

CDN performance needs to be constantly improved if content delivery network providers are to stay ahead of the pack in this highly competitive industry. With customers always craving more speed and faster online media experiences, it’s important for CDN providers to know where their CDN performance is lacking and how they can improve.

Video on demand and live television broadcasts are especially susceptible to poor CDN performance given their high bandwidth cdn performance aneviarequirements. If there is too much buffering, customers will not think twice about moving to new providers. Because of this, Anevia, a global leader in the development of software infrastructure aimed at delivering live television and on demand video across the web, has turned to Cedexis to improve their performance.

CDN Performance Monitoring Advantages

Cedexis is a leader in CDN load balancing and CDN performance monitoring. Their technology will be used by Anevia to ensure that their customers, who are typically broadcasters, are utilising CDNs that are performing optimally, identifying weaknesses so that they can be remedied quickly and efficiently.

As many Anevia customers implement their software across multiple CDNs, Cedexis’ technology will allow them to analyse metrics such as performance, cost and availability across all of their CDN providers. This will give an in depth, high level overview of how their content is being delivered, and will allow decisions to be made regarding which providers are working well for them.

Speaking of the development, Anevia co-founder and Chief Technical Officer Damien Lucas said that "many customers already deployed Viamotion Plus with multiple content delivery networks around the world. Integrating Cedexis QoS monitoring gives broadcasters and IPTV service providers the ability to implement a dynamic content delivery strategy by load-balancing across multiple CDNs. Freed from the restrictions of using a single network, operators can increase the availability of their content and reduce the delays that arise from single-CDN latency. Last but not least, this technological integration gives Cedexis’ customers the ability to offload some traffic peaks to our cloud solutions."

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