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CDN Performance Boost for Limestone

CDN performance is something that content delivery network providers are constantly looking to improve. Whether it’s through the creation of new points of presence or the upgrading of existing servers, CDN performance must be maintained is CDN providers are to keep their data follow quickly and their customers happy.

Limestone Networks is the latest in a long line of CDN service providers to boost their performance. They have chosen to leverage the federated CDN CDN performanceplatform offered by OnApp. The OnApp CDN platform contains a global pool of CDN points of presence (PoPs) that span 113 cities across 43 countries. As such, Limestone has chosen a selection of these PoPs to use alongside their existing CDN PoPs to allow them to achieve the broadest global coverage giving them improved CDN performance. As such, the Limestone Network now consists of 12 strategic high performance PoPs.

CDN Performance Boost with SSDs

Limestone Networks have also ensured that their CDN performance is optimized through the use of solid state drives in all the PoPs. First championed by Fastly, this ensures that seek times are a fraction of what they are with traditional platter-based hard drives to provide blistering CDN performance. In addition to this, each PoP provides a minimum of 2,000 IOPS, 20GB RAM and 1.5Gbps uplink speeds. This is provided along with URL signing, password protection, hotlink protection, geoblocking, spider blocking and SSL support as standard.

“CDN makes a huge difference to load times, for everything from images, CSS and Javascripts to patches and installers – and helps our customers reduce bandwidth usage and server load, which improves cost and stability too,

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