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CDN firewall improvements for Yahoo! Japan

CDN firewall implementation is becoming a highly important aspect in today’s globally connected world. With security violations such as DDoS attacks and malware becoming ever more common, both businesses and consumers are taking strong steps to ensure that the increase in use of internet enabled devices does not allow for an even further increase in the amount of malicious online activity.

As part of their commitment to their content delivery network (CDN), Yahoo! Japan has chosen to deploy Fortinet’s FortiGate-3700D CDN firewall to their CDN platform. Fortinet is a global leader in network security and this high performance data centre solution will help ensure Yahoo! Japan keeps their newly built CDN safe and secure.

CDN Firewall Benefits

Yahoo!’s new CDN has been built to ensure compatibility and future proofing in today’s mobile-first digital world. With optimisations for mobile internet access from smart phones and tablets, it consist of cache servers in their data centres in Kanto (Eastern Japan) and Kansai (Western Japan). This enables the CDN to deliver data to end users all around the country efficiently, reducing system load and improving response times. Combined with the CDN firewall, the content delivery network is set to be a revolution for Japan’s already high-speed network, supporting an peak bandwidth of 200Gbps, five times larger than Yahoo! Japan’s previous CDN.

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Shinji Yoshinaga, Manager of Network Security, Infrastructure Engineering Department and Site Operations Division at Yahoo! Japan noted that the "FortiGate-3700D performs exactly as we expected. It is a highly cost-effective product that allows us to be ready for IPv6. I am looking forward to Fortinet's future product lineup of high-performance data center firewalls enabling 100Gbps."

Norio Kubota, country manager for Fortinet Japan, also praised the development of the CDN firewall, stating that "We are honored that Yahoo! JAPAN selected Fortinet to secure their CDNs. Such a prominent brand as Yahoo! JAPAN cannot suffer any degradation of their operations. With our high-performance firewalls, we ensure that they get the best level of defense against the Internet threats they're facing every day and at the same time, security does not become a bottleneck."

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