Akamai versus Fastly

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With so many different content delivery network providers offering services in this very crowded market, it can be vey difficult to determine which CDN has the best services for you specific needs. Two of the most poplar CDN providers are Akamai and Fastly. Whilst both have many well known global clients, their networks and services operate very different. In this short guide, we’ll outline the key differences between Akamai vs Fastly.akamai vs fastly akamai vs fastly akamai vs fastly akamai vs fastly akamai vs fastly akamai vs fastly akamai vs fastly Akamai versus Fastly akamai cdn providers cdn blog

Akamai vs Fastly: Network

The Akamai CDN is one of the most comprehensive in the world, Owned and operated by Akamai, it spans more than 100,000 servers in more than 80 countries around the world and covering all the world’s continents, except Antarctica.

Similarly, Fastly has a very comprehensive and high-speed network. With 22 points of presence around the globe, and another 8 under construction, the Fastly content delivery network has a foothold in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, with African and South American PoPs to follow shortly. All PoPs are strategically placed at points with the highest densities of web traffic, and peering agreements T1 providers ensuring lightning fast response times.

Akamai vs Fastly: Customers

Akamai have managed to attract many of the globe’s biggest companies to use their highly regarded network. These customers include Adobe, Microsoft, AMD, Monster.com, AUDI, BENQ, Nintendo, Puma, QVC and SAP.

Likewise, Fastly’s lightning quick network and comprehensive set of services means that many reputable companies have chosen them for their website acceleration, including Twitter, Etsy, VImeo, Upworthy, Inc, Kickstarter, Yelp, GitHub, Pinterest, GOV.UK and Shopify.

Akamai vs Fastly: Technology

Akamai’s content delivery network is built upon cutting edge technology. To accelerate content quickly and efficiently, Akamai uses a range of techniques including route optimisation, TCP connection optimisation and pre-fetching.

Fastly, on the other hand, has developed a very unique way of accelerating their users’ data. All their cache servers utilise 18TB solid state hard drive, resulting in lightning fast seek times compared to traditional mechanical platter hard drives.

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