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CDN network from Ericsson deployed by Telstra

CDN network provider are always looking for new and innovative ways to push their services to new customers as they seek to make a mark on this highly competitive market. One of the largest areas of growth for CDN network providers is the provision of content delivery network services to telecom operators around the world. These telecom operators usually have large customer bases and give CDN providers a great opportunity to reach into new markets and showcase their high performance products.

Ericsson is the latest CDN network provider to have developed a partnership with a telco. They will be deploying their Media Delivery Network solution with Telstra, one of Australia’s most cdn network, Ericsson, Telstrapopular telecom providers. This means that Telstra will be the first telco in the world to deploy the Ericsson CDN network.

CDN Network for Video

Telstra’s decision to leverage the Ericsson CDN network was based on the massive growth in streaming video amongst their customers. Ericsson’s own research has indicated that 75% of online users stream video regularly, and have therefore optimised their CDN network for online video.

Ove Anebygd, VP and head of solution area media at Ericsson, said the goal of the Media Delivery Network is “to allow operators to assume an even more active role in the evolving media value chain, enabling them to more readily extend value into new collaborative and mediacentric services.

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