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Akamai Content Delivery Network Partners with IBM Cloud

Akamai Content Delivery Network Partners with IBM CloudAkamai content delivery network customers have access to one of the leading content delivery networks in the world, operated by one of the most trusted content delivery network providers.

With a truly global network and high speed data centres, the Akamai content delivery network has a long list of high profile customers, including Adobe, Airbnb, BNP Paribas, Boston Scientific and Clear Channel. Now, in a bid to improve network performance for their customers, IBM Cloud have announced that they will be partnering with Akamai.

Akamai Content Delivery Network Benefits

This new deal with see the full benefits of the Akamai CDN be deployed across the IBM Cloud Content Delivery Network. This will see Akamai’s presence in nearly 1,700 networks in 131 countries combine with IBM’s global cloud footprint of nearly 60 cloud data centres across 19 countries. This will ensure that customers can deliver data to a wide variety of end users around the globe with high speed, high bandwidth and low latency.

“Enterprises are increasingly relying on the cloud to transform and deliver a spectrum of critical business applications to their users,” said Faiyaz Shahpurwala, general manager, IBM Cloud. “By combining the global reach of IBM Cloud with Akamai’s delivery and optimization capabilities, we’re giving businesses the tools they need to innovate in the market and deliver better customer experiences.”

“The promise of what the cloud can do for business is nearly limitless,” said Rick McConnell, president and general manager, Web Division, Akamai. “At the same time, as an increasing number of business-critical workloads move to the cloud, enterprises seek the assurance of scale, performance and security supporting their applications.  This is an exciting time to be part of the cloud ecosystem, and we look forward to further collaboration between Akamai and IBM to help our joint customers achieve their goals.”

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