What is CDN? Learn All About Content Delivery Network


Streaming Content Delivery By Qwilt for PTCL

Streaming Content Delivery By Qwilt for PTCLStreaming content delivery is one of the fastest growth areas for content delivery network providers such as Akamai, Level 3 and Fastly. As online video services explode in popularity, the demand to have access to video instantly, whether on mobile, TV or desktop computers has meant content providers must seek new ways to make sure data is accessible quickly and efficiently.

That’s where streaming content delivery network providers come in.

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8K Video Live Streaming

8K Video Live Streaming8K video is seen by many as being the future of video. While this may seem overzealous, given the fact that 4K has been adopted by such a small number of households, 8K is giving many potential users cause for excitement at its possible uses.

The case for 8K video streaming has been strengthened in recent years thanks to the huge advancements in content delivery network and online video streaming technologies from companies such as Akamai,

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Qwilt Content Delivery Network Enhanced

Qwilt Content Delivery Network EnhancedQwilt content delivery network customers benefits from an exceptional CDN service. Qwilt operate an edge cloud content delivery network with high speed open caching. Their service powers some of the biggest names in online content distribution and they specialise in delivery high performance video over the web, offering an unparalleled TV-like experience for end users.

In an effort to keep up with the huge numbers of competitors entering this lucrative market,

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