Popular CDN Providers Aim to Enhanced Indian CDNs

Popular CDN Providers Aim to Enhanced Indian CDNsPopular CDN providers, such as Akamai, Limelight Networks and Brightcove have been at the forefront of developing new and exciting content delivery network services and technology around the world. Now, they have their eyes set on India, which is experience a surge in growth of internet users.

“In India, we have been seeing massive growth. It’s poised to grow 30 to 35 per cent year on year. That’s one of the fastest growth you can see in the world,” Limelight Networks country head Gaurav Malik says. He believes analytics can help them to grow quickly in India.

“Analytics of data is the core of any business, whether its OTT or not. That gives the visibility on what’s working and what’s not. It tells you how people are reacting and adapting to it so that you can improve, learn and improvise on that. It’s a constant feedback,” Malik adds.

Popular CDN Providers USPs

Brightcove, another one of the most popular CDN providers, is also aiming to take advantage of potential CDN customers in India. The company’s head Greg Armshaw emphasises on the importance of fast delivery. Without claiming to be the fastest players, he believes that his engineers are working to focus on faster video loading and playing.

Brightcove has its own proprietary software named Context Aware Encoding which is used to optimise online video. “It’s a machine learning process where we examine the content of each frame of the video. We analyse based on past approvals and if we need to save more information about that frame,” says Armshaw.

While cost of delivery is one of the biggest expenditures, Armshaw assures the company is able to allows customers to save up to 30-50 percent when using their services. One of the features is to look at every frame, encode them and this allows for savings too.

In addition to Brightcove and Limelight, Akamai is another CDN provider making inroads in India. Country sales manager Sandeep Reddy believes better in-depth optimisation can provide an enhanced experience to users at the fringes. Reddy also mentions ‘deeper focus on analytics’ as one of the company’s new initiatives. “We have a tool called cloud test which helps to determine and understand user interaction with the site. End user performance monitoring is a big area of focus,” he says.