March 2014 Content Delivery Network News Round-up

March has been a spectacular month for many CDN providers, with record levels of growth and megabytes served being achieved. Here are a few of the biggest stories from this month:Content Delivery Networks

CDN market set to quadruple

The state of the content delivery market is set to go from strength to strength, with growth predicted to surge in the coming years. According to MarketsandMarkets, the CDN industry is on track to quadruple in size in the next 5 years, from $3.71 billion in 2014 to $12.16 billion in 2019. This makes the CDN market one of the fastest revenue-generating markets in the world.

Akamai set for record growth thanks to World Cup deal

Many are looking forward to this year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil, not least Akamai. They have secured the rights to broadcast the event online – a great opportunity given that the event is set to be the biggest online global media event the internet has ever seen. Akamai were also the company behind the online broadcast of the Sochi Olympics claim that event was the largest in online history, and they believe the volume of data transmitted for the World Cup will be double that of Sochi.

Australian CDN iiNet sees record levels of data delivery

Content delivery networks are seeing extraordinary levels of growth in the Asia-Pacific market. Whilst much attention is paid to the fast growing economics of South East and East Asia, Australia has also seen tremendous CDN growth as its economy continues to go from strength to strength. Illustrating this trend, a Perth-based CDN called iiNet saw the amount of data delivered in December 2013 almost triple compared to their figures from December 2012, from 435 terabytes to 1.2 petabytes, a figure which equates to around 16 years of unbroken HD video content.

Telefonica poised to leverage Akamai’s CDN

Telefonica, the global telecommunications powerhouse, is set to enter a deal with Akamai to provide their customers, particularly their enterprise customers, with superior data delivery and access to online video and web applications. A multi-year deal, it will see the two companies collaborate on a number of new technologies to improve the end-to-end user experience through sharing tech support, customer care and marketing services.

The CDN market shows no sign of slowing down and these articles show just how exciting the industry is getting as new and innovating products and partnerships are formed. Get in touch with CDNfinder today if you’d like to learn more about content delivery networks and we’ll help you understand just how you can take advantage of their massive potential.

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