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Rating: 4.5 Founded: 2001 Revenues: Not disclosed Employees:≈ 500 Support: 24/7/365 SLA: 100% Availability Terms: 12 Months Min. Cost: From $29/mo

North America: Ashburn (2) – Atlanta – Chicago (3) – Dallas (2) – Los Angeles (7) – Miami (2) – New York (3) – Newark – Phoenix – San Jose (4), Seattle (2) – Tustin

South America: Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo (4)

Europe: Amsterdam (6) – Brussels – Frankfurt – London (2) – Madrid – Paris – Stockholm

Asia: Tokyo – Seoul – Manila – Singapore

Oceania: Sydney

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Highwinds is a privately held, profitable, patent-holding, multi-platform IP services company. Highwinds’ content delivery network (CDN) and cloud-based IP services have powered thousands of websites and applications around the world since 2002. The comprehensive suite of CDN and network services solutions, including delivery, storage, IP transit, colocation and IP software, ensure end-users experience the instant gratification they’ve grown to expect when streaming or downloading media, games, advertisements and software.

Highwinds offers a high-powered RollingThunder network for global reach and the award-winning StrikeTracker console and open APIs for real-time provisioning and control.

Highwinds owns and maintains several custom in-house software products used in the CDN delivery platform. By designing from the ground-up for optimization, Highwinds offers a significant delivery and automation advantage that customers and end-users experience firsthand. Pull back the covers on Highwinds CDN, and every product used is internally designed to address the specific challenges of CDN delivery trends seen today. The result is a truly unique and revolutionary approach to CDN that provides customers with high quality next generation delivery services.

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