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Rating: 4.5 Founded: 2008 Revenues: ≈ $150 Million in 2015 Employees:≈ 1000 Support: 24/7/365 SLA: 99.99% Availability Terms: Monthly Rolling Min. Cost: Pay As You Go

North America: Atlanta, GA – Ashburn, VA (3) – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (2) – Hayward, CA – Jacksonville, FL – Los Angeles, CA (2) – Miami, FL – New York, NY (3) – Newark, NJ – Palo Alto, CA – San Jose, CA – Seattle, WA – South Bend, IN – St. Louis, MO

Europe: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2) – Dublin, Ireland – Frankfurt, Germany (3) – London, England (3) – Madrid, Spain – Marseille, France – Milan, Italy – Paris, France (2) – Stockholm, Sweden – Warsaw, Poland

Asia: Chennai, India – Hong Kong (2) – Mumbai, India – Manila, the Philippines – Osaka, Japan – Seoul, Korea (2) – Singapore (2) – Taipei, Taiwan – Tokyo, Japan (2)

Oceania: Melbourne, Australia – Sydney, Australia

South America: São Paulo, Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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The Amazon CloudFront content delivery network works seamlessly with, and is optimised for, all the available Amazon Web Services, including their storage, computing, database and networking solutions, to provide a comprehensive package that enables customers to deliver content to end users regardless of their latency and data limits.

The Amazon CloudFront has been designed to allow customers to deliver all their websites and content via the service such as: dynamic, secured, static and streaming content. It is delivered by their global network of edge locations, whereby data is sourced from the closest geographical location to where the requests come from, ensuring high speed and low latency.

The CloudFront solution provides customers with an incredibly simple interface when managing their data to ensure a high level of functionality. Using the interface, customers store files on one or more Amazon origin servers, create a register of these servers via the easy to use Amazon Web Services Management Console and then use the distribution’s domain name in all web sites, media players and applications intended for end users. Using this information, the CloudFront will automatically route requests to the servers closest to end users, ensuring the highest levels of reliability and speed.

Furthermore, only the data transfers and requests that are used in the process will be charged for, and availability is back by the Amazon CloudFront service level agreement (99.9%). This service is also highly elastic, responding well to spikes in traffic and maintaining web server capacity as demand for content increases. This is done dynamically without any need for intervention from the customer, and reduces the need for customers to scale their hardware infrastructure as content becomes more popular.

For more information about Amazon CloudFront visit:

For more information about CloudFront visit: