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North America: Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Medellin, Miami, Newark, San Jose , Seattle and Toronto.

Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Prague, Stockholm, Vienna and Warsaw.

South America: Lima, Buenos Aires, San Paulo and Valparaiso.

Asia: Auckland, Honk Kong, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

Oceania: Sidney

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CloudFlare provides highly reliable CDN products with comprehensive global coverage. With 25 points of presence across Europe, Asia, North America and Australia, the CloudFlare CDN reduces hops and lowers latency. With an average hop count of less than 10 and most requests having below 30ms of latency, the CloudFlare network has managed to save over 100 trillion megabytes of bandwidth since its creation.

The entire network is propriety and owned by CloudFlare, giving them unrivalled flexibility when it comes to maintenance and upgrades. As with other CDNs, the CloudFlare service caches data on nodes located at the edge of the internet, allowing data to be available at locations that are closer to end users than traditional systems. CloudFlare also utilises a proprietary technology based on Anycast, which routes site visitors to the nearest data centre automatically when they request data. CloudFlare estimate that this results in load speeds that are twice as fast regardless of where end users are located as non-CDN websites. Furthermore, CloudFlare estimate that Anycast has enabled them to achieve bandwidth savings of 60%.

Uniquely, CloudFlare do not charge for extra bandwidth, so if there are unexpected spikes in demand, there is no need for the customer to worry about additional bills. At the heart of the CloudFlare CDN offering is their CloudFlare optimiser. This service ensures that data is delivered swiftly and efficiently without any drops in transfer speeds. It utilises a tool known as the Rocket Loader, which automatically optimises each page of a website to minimise the number of network connections required for it to load, by combining multiple JavaScript files into single packages, while also ensuring third party resources don’t impact load times. The AutoMinify tool is also available for use with this service. AutoMinify allows for on the fly removal of bloated and unnecessary HTML, CSS and JavaScript characters and code. This can save up to 20% on file sizes and improve delivery speeds. 4,000 websites around the world use CloudFlare, many of which are businesses. With the business focused Railgun web optimisation that ensures all connections between origin servers and the CloudFlare datacentre are as fast as possible, an average 99.6% compression level is achieved and performance is boosted by 70%. The entire CloudFlare service therefore provides a highly attractive CDN solution that will help boost traffic and reduce costs for websites well into the future.

CloudFlare utilises a unique security engine that automatically detects new security attacks against a website. Upon detecting the attack, CloudFlare then proceeds to block the attack for both the individual website and entire CloudFlare community. This ensures that the longer that customers stay with the service, the more it learns about attacks and the better it can protect every website in the future. This crowd sourced type model ensures all pages are indefinitely kept as secure as possible. When used alongside their SSL encryption functionality, the CloudFlare CDN is highly secure.

Another unique feature of the CloudFlare offering is its app marketplace. This is a one stop shop for several different applications that can be added to a website to make new features easier to implement. For example, applications can be provided to help create blogs, manage payment systems, provide online help channels and also create forums. These apps require no code changes, can work with any platform and automatically update themselves as new versions become available. They help to boost the productivity of a website while not compromising on security or requiring a great deal of time to set up.


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