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CDN traffic handled by Limelight with ease

CDN traffic is on the rise – as more and more people gain access to the internet, usually in the developing world and via cheap internet enable devices such as mobile phones and tablets, the strain being placed on global networks is become more intense. It is because of this that content delivery networks (CDNs) from the likes of AkamaiLimelight and Level 3 are proving so popular, and why Apple has even sought to develop their own.

As CDN traffic continues to increase, we are also seeing greater swings in peak traffic at the busiest hours of the day, including lunchtimes and the after work period. To deal with this, many CDN providers implement advanced load-balancing algorithms. One such provider is Limelight Networks, who recently announced that their Orchestrate Content Delivery Platform has been receiving unparalleled levels of traffic in recent months whilst handling it with ease. Limelight had already predict this rise in CDN traffic throughout August and September due to a number of high profile software updates, live streams and game releases that were being delivery across their CDN.


Limelight CEO, Bob Lento, said of the challenge that “Limelight’s content delivery network handled large upticks in traffic, delivering superb digital experiences to millions of online users, while the Internet itself was being virtually saturated with traffic. Our ability to handle these increases in volume, over a sustained period of time, demonstrates the improvements we have made in our network, our processes, and our execution.

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