What is CDN? Learn All About Content Delivery Network


Required Technical Information to Complete your CDN Account Setup

Please respond to below questionnaire by opening a ticket with support department from the Client Area so that we can complete your CDN account installation. 

  1. Origin hostname? [Where the CDN should fetch content from - E.g. origin.yourwebsite.com]
  2. CDN hostname? [Domain to be CNAME to CDN - E.g. static.yourwebsite.com]
  3. Caching Policy? [By default CDNs honours customer cache headers "no-cache" or "maxage=xxx”, if you prefer the CDN to override please provide a list of paths and related override roles]
  4. HTTP and/or HTTPS? If HTTPS, how many SSL certificates would you like to host on CDN? 
  5. Any other Policy or important information?
  6. Type of content acceleration? [Web content (Large or small object) or Streaming (HTTP or RTMP + Live or VOD + Multi bitrate or Single)]
  7. Targeted geographies in %? [e.g. 30% North America, 30% Europe, 5% Latin America, 5% Asia Pacific 5% Africa and 5% Middle East] 
  8. Estimated monthly delivery in GB?

For more information on how to set up a basic CDN configuration, refer to our knowledgebase. Your CDN account and CDN online administrative interface access will be ready for testing within 24 hours (Majority are completed within 3 hours) after receiving all the above-requested information. 

Thank you for choosing us.