Web performance and mobile boost by Kwickr

Web performance is one of the key factors potential CDN customers consider when looking for a content delivery network provider to host their content and deliver it to end users quickly and efficiency. And now, more than ever, these potential customers also seek those providers that offer the best possible experience and performance across mobile networks. This is thanks to the fact that much of today’s internet growth is being driven by the growth in use of mobile devices such as phone and tablets in the developing world.

kwicr web performance cdn blogAs such, many new companies have been developed to solve the problem of web performance across mobile networks. One such company is Kwicr, who aim to accelerate the delivery of mobile app downloads. They have recently launched out of beta and have doubled the number of employees in their Burlington head office to 70, signalling their intentions to grow aggressively.

Web Performance over Mobile

Speaking of the web performance development, Hugh Kelly, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing for Kwicr, said that “Rich content is becoming incredibly important to the mobile experience, and that’s a big challenge to deliver well on mobile. We feel at this point we can handle any level of traffic anybody really wants to throw at us, and help them improve the quality,”

Furthermore, speaking of their potential future investment, which would supplement their current US$11.5 million in investor funding, Kelly noted that “It’ll be a substantial round,” without disclosing specific funding targets. Their current investors include Boston-based Sigma Prime Ventures and Silicon Valley-based Venrock.

Kwicr’s development is not new, and many companies are developing similar platforms to solve web performance and mobile content delivery problems. These include Rev Software and Twin Prime. Noting the competition, Kelly stated that “the problem is so obvious that it’s not surprising there’s multiple companies solving it in different ways”.