Video delivery growth for Qwilt

Video delivery accounts for much of today’s internet bandwidth. As services such as YouTube and Netflix go from success to success, with the latter recently surpassing 50 million subscribers, the pressure on content providers to boost their video delivery services with content acceleration technologies becomes ever greater. Thankfully for content creators and organisations that specialise in offering high definition video services online, video delivery acceleration services are in rich supply, providing many options for those looking to boost their video performance. One such company is Qwilt, and they have seen extraordinary growth in North America over the past 12 months.

Qwilt specialise in offering transparent video caching and delivery platforms, increasing capacity and improving the end user experience. They have seen their customer base increase 400% over the past 12 months, with many high profile North American cable system operators choosing them to boost the performance of their video delivery offerings. These operators include both regional and national operators looking to leverage Qwilt’s open caching architecture.


Video Delivery Demand

Cisco has predicted that video delivery in North America will peak in 2018, when it will account for 90% of all fixed line traffic delivered online. This shows how important high performance video delivery and content delivery solutions are for content creators and the need to invest in order to stay ahead of rivals and reach target markets effectively.


Yucca Telecom is amongst Qwilt’s many new telecom customers. Brandon Brooks, IT Manager at Yucca Telecom, is clear about the benefits of effective video delivery solutions, saying “Subscriber quality of experience is an organizational priority for Yucca Telecom. Qwilt’s platform demonstrates substantial improvements. By serving popular bandwidth-consuming content like streaming online video and system updates from inside the network, Qwilt’s platform reduces network congestion, improves the broadband experience for our customers and helps us take a strategic, data-driven approach to expanding our network capacity.”