Updated Content Delivery Network by Oregan Networks

Updated Content Delivery Network by Oregan NetworksUpdated content delivery network services are often rolled out by content delivery networks. These updates are vital if they are to keep improving their network performance to keep up with the demands of the modern internet.

These demands include the fast rising size of online downloads, such as software installation files and increasingly high definition audio and video files. Furthermore, the rise in popularity of on demand and live video streaming, thanks to services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, presents a whole new dimension for content delivery network providers to contend with. As such, updated content delivery network services focus on network optimisations and improved network infrastructure.

Updated Content Delivery Network Benefits

Now, the latest content delivery network provider to update their CDN is Oregan Netowrks. They have announced their newly released SparQ network. This service is the latest version of their advanced set top box (STB) client middleware solution which is based upon an open source distributed development and is essentially a cloud-based content delivery platform.

This new platform aims to resolves the disparity between current security and performance requirements of modern TV services and the hardware capabilities of older set top boxes. This will help to lift the limits on subscribers’ access to premium content and apps on legacy devices.

Mark Perry, CEO of Oregan Networks commented, ‘The philosophy behind SparQ transcends many layers of operational and economic benefits, providing the features that MSOs identify as key requirements during consultations with Oregan. SparQ is a new breed of middleware that is fluid in the way it is developed, evolved and interfaced with other components within the end-to-end ecosystem. It is open and standards-based, whilst also being designed for optimal security and robustness. The SparQ code base has been substantially refined and extended from previous versions of Oregan’s middleware, to enable operators to effectively assimilate unmanaged network content using the latest delivery standards, whilst continuing to leverage managed networks where they exist, hence differentiating in terms of quality of service, experience and convenience’.

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