What is CDN? Learn All About Content Delivery Network


Data Centre Expansion for EdgeMicro

Data Centre Expansion for EdgeMicroData centre expansion is a great method for network operators and CDN providers to boost their capacity and ensure they are able to keep up with the fast growing content delivery demands that are necessitated by modern internet demand.

As more and more people access the internet, especially in developing regions such as Latin America and Africa, global networks are being put under increasing strain.

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Internet Speed Boost for Merseyside

Internet Speed Boost for MerseysideInternet speed boost developments are often welcomed by many different groups. From end users, who benefits from increased download and web browsing speeds, to businesses and business groups, who benefits from being able to serve content to their customers faster and without bottlenecks, an internet speed boost can make a tangible difference to people’s online lives.

One of the latest UK region to gain a well overdue internet speed boost is Merseyside,

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Content Delivery Network Traffic Record for Limelight

Content Delivery Network Traffic Record for LimelightContent delivery network traffic has been growing massively in the past decade. As more and more people have gained access to the internet, especially in the developing world such as Asia and Latin America, the strain on global networks has increased dramatically. Add to this the fact that much of this growth has been driven by mobile devices accessing the web via low bandwidth high latency mobile networks,

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