What is CDN? Learn All About Content Delivery Network


Ecommerce CDN for Showroomprivé

Ecommerce CDN for ShowroomprivéEcommerce CDN users benefits greatly from content delivery networks. As companies that sell online are prone to users ditching their online shopping baskets if a website responds too slowly, it is vital that they have a high performance site and basket that encourages users to stay online and complete their purchases.

As such the benefits of an ecommerce CDN are huge for online stores, meaning most of the world’s most popular online shops take advantage of a high performance content delivery network.

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Expanded CDN for Limelight Networks

Expanded CDN for Limelight NetworksExpanded CDN services and infrastructure are a great method for content delivery network providers to improve their services and entice new customers into utilising their content delivery networks.

Because of this, many of the world’s most popular content delivery network providers regularly expand their CDN networks to boost performance and reach. These CDN providers include Akamai, Fastly, CDNetworks, Level 3 and ChinaCache. Now, the latest content delivery network provider to announce an expanded CDN is Limelight Networks,

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CDN Benefits for AutoTrader by Limelight

CDN Benefits for AutoTrader by LimelightCDN benefits can be felt by a diverse array of companies in many different industries. Content delivery networks help organisations with an online presence to deliver their data to end users all around the globe at ultra high performance. By leveraging a content delivery network, companies can reach out to new markets and improve end user satisfaction significantly.

Content delivery networks operate by storing identical copies of a website’s data on a highly distributed range of servers located at geographic traffic hotspots around the world.

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