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Content Delivery Network News in September

Content delivery network news in September has been coming thick and fast. From the development of new content delivery network technologies to partnerships between CDN providers and global companies looking to accelerate their online data, there has been plenty of news in the content delivery network industry this September. We’ll look over a few of the more noteworthy happenings here.


Broadpeak Content Delivery Network Provider to Partner with Telstra to Boost Online Video

We covered the unstoppable rise in demand for the online video acceleration services offered by many content delivery network providers last month.

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Video Routing Improvements for Ramp

Video Routing Improvements for RampVideo routing improvements that control the way video streams are delivered across networks can yield huge benefits for both video delivery network providers and customers of their services. It can ensure that video uptime is maximised, with optimal bandwidth and latency being utilised. Ultimately, this increases end user satisfaction and ensures customers of video delivery networks and content owners can garner a large and engaged audience.

Because of the importance of video routing improvements and technology,

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QoE Video Monitoring by Telestream for Unitymedia

QoE Video Monitoring by Telestream for UnitymediaQoE video monitoring is vital for companies that provide OTT or video streaming services to end users. It can help ensure video data is getting to where it needs to quickly and efficiently, while also allowing content providers to find out where any problems arise so that they can be quickly remedied.

The latest company to implement QoE video monitoring is German cable network operator and Cologne-based Unitymedia.

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