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Comcast CDN Partners with DLVR

Comcast CDN Partners with DLVRComcast CDN services are becoming more and more popular as the company develops its platform and forges new partnerships to help build on its already high performance technology. With many high profile customers around the world, the Comcast CDN is starting to rival companies such as Akamai and Level 3 when it comes to the reach and performance of their content delivery network.

Now, in a bid to further strengthen their content delivery network performance and expand its array of CDN services,

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CDN Data Centers Opened in UK and Australia by LeaseWeb

CDN Data Centers Opened in UK and Australia by LeaseWebCDN data centers play an integral role in the way that content delivery networks operate and allow data to be delivered to end users at blistering speed.

Many content delivery network providers access CDN data centers via IaaS (infrastructure as a service) providers in order to quickly gain access to data centers in new and diverse markets without having to construct them themselves. One such IaaS provider is LeaseWeb,

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Image Optimised CDN by Imagenii

Image Optimised CDN by ImageniiAn image optimised CDN for images is platform that more and more companies with an online presence are expressing interest in. As the internet becomes full of sites with media rich content and high resolution images, more and more bandwidth is required to deliver those sites. As such, many CDN providers have developed an image optimised CDN, while content providers have been expressing interest in such as platform.

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