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Akamai CDN Services: Blockchain Based Payment

Akamai CDN Services: Blockchain Based PaymentAkamai CDN services are amongst the best in the world, and new services are often made available by the company in a bid to attract new customers and cement their position as one of the leading content delivery network providers in the world. With a comprehensive global network and reputation for performance and quality, they are trusted by large companies around the world.

Now, a new platform is being added to the list of Akamai CDN services –

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Akamai CDN Improvements

Akamai CDN ImprovementsAkamai CDN improvements are often regular occurrences. Being one of the world’s largest and most trusted content delivery network providers, Akamai prides itself on being first to market with innovative solutions for their customers while also provider blistering performance across its points of presence around the world, ensuring customers’ end users are never left waiting for their data.

Now, the latest of AKamai’s CDN improvements revolves around the way their customers integrate with Salesforce’s leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform.

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