Streaming CDN by Broadpeak for HBO

Streaming CDN by Broadpeak for HBOStreaming CDN services can help companies that deliver rich video experiences to end users send files quickly and efficiently. This is particularly important given that, as internet use grows exponentially, the vast majority of new demand is for high definition video. Additionally, much of this demand is coming from the developing economies of Asia, Africa and Latin America, where most internet users access the internet via low speed mobile devices and across high latency, low bandwidth mobile networks.

Because of this, many of the biggest names in online video delivery have leveraged the power of streaming CDN services from global content delivery network providers. One such company is HBO, the American video premium cable and satellite TV company that boasts huge numbers of customers around the world that use the network for some of the globes most popular TV shows including Game of Throne, Westworld and Silicon Valley.

Streaming CDN Benefits

HBO is now looking to expand its premium video streaming services across Latin America, sensing a huge opportunity for revenue growth. Given the bandwidth challenges they are likely to face, they have selected streaming CDN services from Broadpeak to power their video streaming services across the region. Specifically, they will be utilising the BroadCache Box local video caching solution across two sites in Mexico to boost video streaming performance.

“We must make sure our viewers can enjoy the same high quality of service during peak consumption times. Finding a content delivery solution that can handle bandwidth fluctuations that occur due to the large number of session requests handled by the CDN as a service became imperative,” said Emilio Otermin, SVP technology and operations at HBO Latin America, explaining the company’s challenge. “Broadpeak’s local cache solution has been deployed in pilot operators’ networks to alleviate these issues. Thus far, it allows us cost savings and boosts subscriber satisfaction by ensuring flawless video service quality.”