SkyparkCDN presents a new plugin for 1C-Bitrix

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A CDN plugin for content-management system 1C-Bitrix was released in February, 2015 by SkyparkCDN team.

An earlier version of a similar plugin created by “1C” was offered with bandwidth limits that doesn’t meet current online business needs therefore as 1C-Bitrix is the most popular CMS among commercial off-the-shelf in Russia and CIS SkyparkCDN team decided to work on a better version.  SkyparkCDN plugin offer an easy CDN integration without bandwidth limits to ensure your users will get the best possible online experience globally.

skyparkcdn-logo  SkyparkCDN presents a new plugin for 1C-Bitrix skyparkcdn logo

Download the plugin for FREE directly from the Market Place (Limited offer)

Dmitrii Ugai, SkyparkCDN CEO:

“CDN services are relatively new in Russia. Entrepreneurs and Small businesses prefer to use commercial off-the-shelf as of the ease and low cost. At SkyparkCDN we believe that our mission is to help business grow by offering  affordable and easy-to-use products.  All in all, we follow our company motto: “Speed and reliability is everything”.

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