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SkyparkCDN presents a new plugin for 1C-Bitrix

A CDN plugin for content-management system 1C-Bitrix was released in February, 2015 by Skypark CDN team.

An earlier version of a similar plugin created by “1C” was offered with bandwidth limits that doesn’t meet current online business needs therefore as 1C-Bitrix is the most popular CMS among commercial off-the-shelf in Russia and CIS Skypark CDN team decided to work on a better version.  Skypark CDN plugin offer an easy CDN integration without bandwidth limits to ensure your users will get the best possible online experience globally.


Download the plugin for FREE directly from the Market Place (Limited offer)

Dmitrii Ugai, SkyparkCDN CEO:

“CDN services are relatively new in Russia. Entrepreneurs and Small businesses prefer to use commercial off-the-shelf as of the ease and low cost. At Skypark CDN we believe that our mission is to help business grow by offering  affordable and easy-to-use products.  All in all, we follow our company motto: “Speed and reliability is everything”.

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