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Russian gaming firm choose Level3 to improve performance

One of the main groups to benefit form the development of high speed internet is gamers. As internet speeds have increased, the multiplayer gaming landscape has changed dramatically. From local hot seat gaming, to local area network (LAN) connections, people can now challenge their friends around the world without any lag. However, as traffic has increased exponentially, pressures have been placed on the servers that host online gaming. And this has been exacerbated by the use of VoIP services to allow gamers to chat during gaming and massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) which function purely online and see thousands, if not more, players competing and collaborating all at once.

As part of their efforts to provide a better gaming experience for their customers, many games developers and publishers have sought methods of boosting the speeds of their servers. Russian games developer Nival is proving to be no exception to this, as they seek to leverage the Level3 content delivery network to boost the performance of their online role-playing and strategy games.


And independent studio, Nival is based in Moscow and developed the popular Blitzkrieg and Heroes of Might and Magic V titles. They are now looking to expand their reach further into the European and North America markets and set out to find a CDN that was not only able to provide high performance, but also global coverage that is highly secure.


By selected Level3’s CDN, Nival will be able to serve data to their customers all around the globe, thanks to the comprehensive Level3 network. The speed and reach of their servers will allow users to access data at the point of presence closest to them, ensuring that ping times, a gamer’s number one enemy, are kept low. Ping times relate to how quickly a server responds to data requests and high ping numbers are the number one reason for gaming lag.

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