QoE Video Monitoring by Telestream for Unitymedia

QoE Video Monitoring by Telestream for UnitymediaQoE video monitoring is vital for companies that provide OTT or video streaming services to end users. It can help ensure video data is getting to where it needs to quickly and efficiently, while also allowing content providers to find out where any problems arise so that they can be quickly remedied.

The latest company to implement QoE video monitoring is German cable network operator and Cologne-based Unitymedia. They are utilising Telestream’s advanced video monitoring and analytics platforms throughout its network. Telestream are a global leader in file-based media workflow orchestration, media streaming and delivery technologies.

QoE Video Monitoring Benefits

“By deploying Telestream file-based QC solutions, we are automating the verification process of contributed assets,” explains Florian Münz, Senior Manager, Service Deployment & In Life Entertainment Technology at Unitymedia. “Previously this was done manually: now, with the combination of Telestream Vantage and Vidchecker with our customized dashboard, we can verify that all contributed assets meet the quality expectations of our viewers. In addition, issues with those assets are automatically reported back to the content providers for a fast turnaround time and minimum involvement of our teams.”

“By deploying Telestream iQ solutions, we are able to rapidly decrease the meantime to repair of our Horizon and Horizon Go video platforms,” explains Münz. “This is done by monitoring both the quality of experience and quality of service, providing distinct insights into the real root causes. Moreover, the entire delivery chain is being segmented. In combination with Telestream’s iVMS and iVMS ASM management systems, which correlate all the alarms, rapid pin-pointing of issues is enabled.”

“Unitymedia is a highly valued customer to Telestream – because of its visionary approach of how an organization can combine linear TV and OTT services alongside its commitment to bring the best content to their customers,” commented Raphael Burgener, VP of Sales, EMEA & APAC at Telestream iQ. “Unitymedia is pushing back the boundaries of technology application, creating a business model that is agile and focused on quality of experience.”