Online Video Acceleration Product Integrations

Online Video Acceleration Product Integrations Online video acceleration is helping revolutionise the way people around the globe access digital content online. Thanks to the explosion in growth of online access in developing markets such as Latin America, Asia and Africa, more and more people are visiting a plethora of different sites online, usually from slow mobile devices and across high latency low bandwidth mobile networks.

This move to a mobile first world of internet access has created problems, including putting a strain on global networks as they try and cope with an increase in demand. This is particularly problematic given that a large amount of the increase in traffic is in the form on high definition online video.

That’s where online video acceleration comes in. Many new technologies by CDN providers have emerged to solve the problem of delivering data heavy video across global networks by compressing data and optimising data flows.

Online Video Acceleration Benefits

The latest move to improve online video acceleration comes in the form of a partnership between Steamroot, the provider of the world’s most extensive distributed delivery network for OTT video, and castLabs, a global partner in premium digital video technology. Steamroot not integrates with castLabs PRESTOplay online HTML5 video player, allowing the platform to benefits from Streamroot’s  unrivalled CDN offload and cost reduction, improved QoS and increased delivery capacity during peak traffic.

Online Video Acceleration Product Integrations“We are happy to offer castLabs customers a seamless, truly plug-and-play integration of Streamroot DNATM. PRESTOplay support demonstrates our commitment to being compatible with 100% of both commercial and open-source players on the market,” says Streamroot Co-Founder and CEO Pierre-Louis Théron. “Our partnership with castLabs strengthens our global position as the leading provider of distributed video delivery, offering the best QoS on the widest range of players, devices and operating-systems on the market.”

“PRESTOplay player SDKs enable top broadcasters to provide premium playback features and adhere to the latest standards across all platforms,” said Michael Stattmann, CEO at castLabs. “We are very excited to partner up with Streamroot, and to be able to offer our customers a simplified, out-of-the-box integration of Streamroot’s next generation video delivery solution, providing their millions of viewers a better streaming experience across all devices.”