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Network Performance Enhanced by Webair

Network performance is one of the biggest differentiators in the crowded content delivery network market. In order to keep ahead of the competition, it is important to keep innovating and improving network performance to ensure customers are able to achieve the best download speeds and fewest delays possible. Webair has become the latest CDN provider to improve their CDN as they seek to improve network performance for their customers.

Webair is a leading provider of cloud hosting and managed solutions and they have started expanding their advanced CDN infrastructure by developing new backend technologies and integration capabilities, as well as improved server facilities.


Network Performance Importance

This network performance expansion supplements the many changes Webair has made since entering the market in 2008 and comes at a time when Citrix estimates that 51% of all internet traffic will cross CDNs by 2017. It includes several enhancements at existing facilities in strategic global locations such as Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Montreal and Webiar’s flagship datacentre in Long Island, NY. By improving the network performance of these datacentres, Webair is able to instantly replicate their CDN customer’s data across all their servers around the world, enabling end users to access the data that is geographically closest to them. This reduces jitter, delivers high quality streaming and ensures data is available to global broadband and mobile audiences within a maximum 300ms radius.


These network performance enhancements have also greatly improved CDN integration. Webair customers can now add, administer and analyse the performance of their CDN leveraging Webair’s EZPanel online platform. This tool provides an overarching view of the customer’s CDN environment. From here, advanced analytics and reporting features allows customers to better understand how their CDN is performing whilst giving access to functions that smooth the integration of cloud and load balancing services, amongst many others.


Gerard Hiner, Business Development Manager at Webair, notes that “in today’s content-driven world, a high-performance CDN is critical to business success. Reliable web presence and content delivery can have a profound and direct impact on customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, and therefore, revenue loss or growth. Webair’s global expansion and service enhancements enable audiences to receive a high-quality end-user experience, whether they are watching video, playing games, shopping online or sharing content.

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