Multi-CDN Services from Leaseweb

Multi-CDN Services from LeasewebMulti-CDN services are an innovation that can offer companies with an online presence an excellent method for accelerating their data and creating an excellent end user experience for their customers.

Multi-CDN services differ from standard content delivery network services in that they allow CDN customers to leverage many different content delivery network providers. Content delivery networks operate by storing data across many different points of presence (PoPs) around the world. These PoPs are usually located in towns and cities that experience high levels of internet traffic and are the key element of a high performance CDN. When an end users requests a specific file that is hosted on a content delivery network, such as a video or large software package, they are directed to the PoP that is closest to them. The benefit of this is that it reduces download times compared to files that a centrally located on one server.

Multi-CDN Services Benefits

Multi-CDN services are ideal for companies with a lot of content and that operate across the world, as is it enables them to take advantage of the benefits of many different CDN providers. Now, Leaseweb is making it easier for companies to implement a multi-CDN setup as they launch their own multi-CDN services in the hope of reaching new markets in South America, Asia Pacific, and Russia.

Julien Lehmann, Managing Director at Leaseweb CDN, says about the next generation multi-CDN: “For many of our customers in the field of entertainment and e-commerce the user experience is key and CDNs are crucial in achieving this. As the use of multiple CDNs gains broader adoption by the market, we decided to make a strategic move from offering our CDN platform to giving direct access to our CDN expertise. This way we can act as a trusted partner and propose the best multi or hybrid CDN solution to our customers in a transparent manner.”