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Mobile CDN by Saguna is revolutionising mobile delivery

We are entering an era where the mobile CDN will be more important than ever. With the recent surges in internet use showing no signs of slowing down, more and more people are accessing data online every day, the vast majority of these new internet users are getting their fix via low cost mobile devices, including smart phone and tablets. Driven by a surge in economic development in Asia and Africa, mobile is the next battleground for website acceleration.

Israeli mobile CDN provider Saguna Networks have been quick to rise to the mobile CDN challenge and have developed an innovative suite of optimisation and monetisation technologies aimed at boosting the performance of LTE mobile networks that operate from the 4G radio access network (RAN). These technologies are collectively known as the CODS Open-RAN platform and they were demoed at the recent Mobile Asia Expo 214.


Why Mobile CDN?

Mobile networks have long suffered from poor performance thanks to the fact that they have lower bandwidths and higher latencies. These are the trade-offs that comes with having a widely available wireless network. To overcome this, Saguna leverages the already highly performing 4G RAN and then extends its mobile CDN optimisers and caching systems across the network. This allows mobile operators to leverage their dispersed points of presence to enable end users to download files from the servers geographically closest to them, as with a traditional CDN, boosting download speeds and reducing latency. The end results is an improved user experience and increased revenues for the mobile operator.


The drive to create such a mobile CDN was borne of a desire to tap into the fast growing Chinese market. According to the VP Sales at Saguna Networks, Gilad Haver, this market “demands effective and scalable content delivery solutions. With the world’s largest mobile operator and leading network equipment vendors, China is paving the way in technology innovation and scale. Saguna CODS Open-RAN provides a winning value proposition for the mobile market in China and worldwide: great user experience, lower network costs and new monetization opportunities.

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