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Mobile CDN from Akamai and Saguna

Mobile CDN services are in higher demand than ever. With more and more internet users, especially those in the developing world, accessing data via cheap mobile devices, the strain being placed on low latency mobile networks is becoming ever greater. And as mobile networks are cheaper to deploy than extensive wired networks, it’s easy to see when fast mobile infrastructure projects and mobile content delivery networks are necessary to ensure fast connections for people accessing data around the globe.

This is why Akamai, one of the world’s leading content delivery network providers, has teamed up with Saguna Networks, an innovative provider of 4G radio access networks (RAN) to demonstrate their CODS Open-RAN CDN, a content delivery network that operates within the mobile base station.


Taking place at the 4G World Expo in Las Vegas this week, the mobile CDN demo will show Akamai’s CDN being integrated as a server side application running on the Saguna CODS Open-RAN platform, which itself operates inside the mobile base station. By taking advantage of Saguna’s CODS CDN-Extend technology, the Akamai CDN can cache data for delivery as close as possible to the mobile network’s edge, creating a highly powerful mobile CDN.


Mobile CDN Benefits

Saguna have high hopes for this type of mobile CDN, believing that it can deliver real-time radio congestion monitoring and proximity        data, allowing for superior end user experiences and monetization opportunities to be developed. Furthermore, Lior Netzer, VP of Emerging Mobile Products at Akamai, stated that "mobile users are seeking the same high quality rich media experiences they get on their wired devices. Yet mobile networks simply weren’t designed to make that user demand a reality. Our showcase with Saguna heralds a new and inventive class of content delivery solutions for mobile networks. Saguna CODS Open-RAN enables Akamai’s CDN to operate within the mobile base station in close proximity to mobile users and leverage real-time radio congestion conditions.

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