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MaxCDN and Sucuri partner to bolster internet security

The risks of online threats and internet security breaches are now greater than ever. This is in large part thanks to the huge increase in the number of web connected devices, but also thanks to increased profitability that attacking large networks can now yield as more and more transactions take place online. Because of this, many network providers are investing heavily in online security, with advanced anti-virus and robust DDoS mitigation technologies being implemented across both end user and network-side infrastructures.MaxCDN


As part of this burgeoning commitment to improved online security, MaxCDN, a content delivery network provider that specialises in delivering rich multimedia such as HD video, has announced a partnership with Sucuri to help improve web security for their customers.


Sucuri are a web-security services provider that specialise in detecting unauthorised changes to network assets such as web sites, DNS, Whois records and SSL certificates. In addition to this, they offer early warning systems to detect and remove malware and spam.


The specific technology MaxCDN will be building into their offering is Sucuri’s CloudProxy solution. This tech makes use of both a web application firewall and intrusion detection system to ensure no malicious traffic gets through to the server and comes packed with many additional features. These include DDoS (distributed denial of service) mitigation technology, website blacklisting, SQL injections, cross-site scripting and advanced malware blocking.


By incorporating this technology into their CDN, MaxCDN customers can combine Sucuri’s superior security features with MaxCDN’s high speed global network, ensuring high speed data delivery and website optimisation without having to worry about threats to their security.

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